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With more than 25 years of experience within the high end interior design industry, Sharon Imbriani has earned a reputation for creating and delivering, luxury, turn-key interiors that are infused with modern and organic layers, while having a strong commitment to quality and service with uncompromising standards from conception to completion. Offering full service design, their design approach begins by openly listening to the client and having a full understanding of their wants, needs and expectations as well as communicating to the client, what to expect from them as they work through the phases of their project. This is followed by working alongside the architect, builder or contractor and specialty tradesmen, to create thoughtful, detailed design and implementation that ultimately results in very meaningful interiors that tell the story of the client.. It is their passion & mission to design & create beautiful, personal spaces that function, flow and enrich the lives and lifestyle for each and every client.


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After working in estate antiques, high-end architectural glass and the luxury motor yacht industry. Sharon earned her Interior Design degree in 1999 from the FIDER accredited Academy of Art & Design in Tampa, Fl. She launched her company, Sharon Imbriani Design in 2011 to share her creative passions and talent with the community. Residing in Saint Petersburg, FL with her two rescue dogs, and the occasional foster dog. Sharon is very philanthropic. She loves and cares about supporting her community. She draws her inspirations from the arts, travel, music, architecture, freedom of expression, fearlessness, kind humans and, above all.........the designer she respects the most, Mother Nature.