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DesignDwell is a marketplace for the finest interior designers, home builders, architects, artisans, and home decor merchants to showcase their work. At DesignDwell we vet the best of the best in the design & build and the home decor industry. Our purpose is to assemble a community of creators in each region and to connect them with savvy, sophisticated consumers.

We offer a directory of top talent, who present both products and services for highly engaged customers. These customers, in turn, gain access to unique design & build professionals and to pieces previously available only to clients of the exclusive interior design trade. It’s a dynamic and enjoyable experience.

Buyers can easily search DesignDwell for Design & Build professionals and product listings with the assurance of quality and uncompromising reputation. We also offer a 'My DesignDwell Membership' where customers can browse and save their favorite design ideas and read feature articles about design professionals.

Our History, from the beginning, has been about connecting discerning consumers with high-end home professionals. It all began with Design Digest — a beautifully illustrated interior design magazine that was distributed only to affluent homeowners and the Design & Build Trade on a monthly basis. Its success came in delighting readers with its exclusive and curated selection of home builders, interior designers, architects, artisans and home decor merchants, and subsequently, for our advertising businesses, in garnering qualified leads and robust sales.