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About Design Dwell:

Design Dwell serves as a premier marketplace where the region's most exceptional interior designers, home builders, architects, artisans, and home decor merchants can showcase their remarkable work. Our platform meticulously vets and selects the crème de la crème of the design + build industry, connecting them with discerning and sophisticated local homeowners.

Through our Design & Build Pros directory, we present a curated collection of top talent offering both products and services, catering to a highly engaged customer. These customers gain access to a world of unparalleled design + build pros, all in the region in which they reside! The Design Dwell experience is dynamic and enjoyable, ensuring an unmatched journey for all involved.

Buyers can easily navigate Design Dwell to discover trusted Design & Build Pros, secure in the knowledge of quality and unwavering reputation. Additionally, we offer a personalized feature called 'My Design Dwell Membership,' allowing customers to save their favorite design ideas, access relevant and insightful articles, and further enhance their engagement with our platform.

Our History has always revolved around connecting discerning consumers with top-tier home _ design professionals. It all began with Design Digest, a beautifully illustrated interior design magazine, exclusively distributed to affluent homeowners and the Design & Build Trade on a monthly basis along Florida's West Coast. The magazine quickly became a go-to resource delighting readers with its meticulously curated selection interior and exterior design essentials. Conversely, it became a reliable source of qualified leads and robust sales for our advertising partners.