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For over 20 years, Ramos Marble Granite has been responsible of producing countertops for over 400 homes as well as producing for commercial projects such as the iconic Oxford Exchange in Downtown Tampa. The fact that Ramos Marble Granite has expertise in the installation of tile and stone further sets the company apart and contributes to the overall quality of any project.


Design, Stone, Tile, Granite, Marble, Kitchens, to bathrooms, fireplaces and custom surfaces, Installation.

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Ramos Marble and Granite has become the premier natural stone and tile company in the Tampa Bay Area.  Founded by two brothers, John and Vincent Ramos, the company has taken a leading-edge approach to its operations.  Ramos Marble and Granite offers a one-stop approach for all stone and tile needs. The company prides itself on its ability to furnish, fabricate and install all natural stone products as well as tile and dimensional stone.   RMG is customer-driven and believes its quality of service and professionalism is what set the company apart, bringing real value to its customers. Furthermore, the company is also involved with consultation and the specification of natural stone.