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21st Century Gilt Bronze Floral Picture Frame Gratitude Green


Gratitude Green is a handcrafted italian picture frame with a delicate design created by Laura G, it is a masterpiece of the collection picture frames Art with Heart. A 18th century venetian ribbon and rosettes design assembled by hand with gold plated bronze and agate green flowers. Gratitude is a very noble soul's action and I figure that one of the most convenient way to express gratitude is with flowers. The model is a mark of Gratitude, just the right gift for your loved one.. Flowers are in green agata, very well detailed as you may see in relating views' photos. Bronze has been gilded and agata flowers have been assembled by hand. We have enclosed some emotional images of Gratitude, because every picture frame of Art with Heart collection by Laura G, has emotional meanings to be shared with collectors who love the beauty of memory and love. photo size 3,9 x 5 inches ( 10 x 13 )  


    H 8.7 in. x W 7.5 in. x D 0.2 in.H 22.1 cm x W 19.05 cm x D 5.08 mm
    Sarezzo, IT
    Gratitude Green