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We are a 'White Glove Service' for both our discriminating customers who visit DesignDwell and our vetted suppliers who feature their goods and services. Our curated and exclusive platform allows our customers who want the best solutions to interior and exterior design to meet with the most esteemed designers, builders, architects, artisans and home decor retailers.  That's how our business model is built! 

Who We Reach

Discerning Individuals: Especially homeowners who are looking for the best of the best in the design + build industry within their region

The Trade: Interior Designers, Decorators, Architects, Builders and Real Estate Developers

How We Reach Them

  1. Target Marketing:
    1. Our company uses digital marketing channels and tactics that bring in a high volume of qualified customers through:
  2. Content
    1. Our content is built to appeal to those who care about maximizing the high end look, comfort and functionality of their homes through luxury home goods and services. 
    2. Through content, we’re able to establish what we call ‘customer expressed intent’.  We encourage people who are actively looking for a solution to connect with us in various ways. 
    3. We have deliberately and strategically identify pre-qualified users, through lead forms and direct call connections to our design + build partners as well as our e-commerce partners. 
    4. In conclusion - we have created an environment whereby we can access people early on in their decision making process, providing them content that helps them get closer to a decision on their home design and build endeavors. 


  1. Lifetime Value
    1. We build customer relationships vs. one and done buyers, and we do this by curating a handpicked list of the best, locally available, designers, builders and product suppliers in each of the regions we serve.  We vet the needs of a customer vs. leaving them to their own devices, at no cost to them, and then give the best fit supplier/product owner that ‘lead’ to maximizing the chance of a working relationship between a homeowner and our vetted suppliers. 
    2. Not only do we establish this initial connection to a supplier, but we also nurture our customers through other ideas that would compliment their dream interiors and exteriors, either through products or more design ideas. As they build their homes to their liking, we are there every step of the way.  

Distilled down, here is what we want you to take away:

  • We are both customer and supplier centric, aiming to meet the needs of both equally.
  • We do this by inserting the human element at key inflection points in the customer journey, powered by a great website with amazing content and through highly targeted marketing. 
  • Further, we curate locally, ensuring that ideas that are presented to customers that are both tangible and nearby. 
  • We only win when both our customer and suppliers win - this means:
    • Traffic to our suppliers -> engaging content for our customers